WePress is a unique community art space that is blending old and new technology!

Equipment We Own

  • Reynolds Printasign Model 40 Duplicator (proofing letterpress) with assorted Enlglish type and chops (historical etched metal and polymer blocks from the Ho Sun Hing Print Shop and Woodwards). The letterpress and English type are from the original Woodward’s Department store. They were donated to the Community Arts Council of Vancouver and then sold to WePress for $1 in January 2017.
  • A Korrex Letterpress
  • A gold leafing machine
  • Tinkerine DittoPro 3D Printer
  • Ultimaker S5 3D Printer
  • Several regular-sized Sewing Machines
  • Large format Photocopier, Scanner and Printer that prints up to 11 x 17″
  • Several mac and linux laptop and desktop computers with various image editing and 3D modelling software installed.
  • A projector.
  • A set of simultaneous translation equipment with 2 receivers.
  • A set of 8000+ Chinese characters currently in storage. The Chinese type was purchased from the now-closed Ho Sun Hing Print Shop in 2014. The Chinese type will have available to the community as soon as we have space.