Equipment + Rentals

WePress is an unique Makerspace that is blending old and new technology!


Here is a list of the equipment and supplies that we currently have our space:

  • Reynolds Printasign Model 40 Duplicator (proofing letterpress) with assorted type letters (wood, metal, and polymer English and Chinese characters) and chops (historical etched metal and polymer blocks from the Ho Sun Hing Print Shop and Woodwards). The letterpress and English type are owned by the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, who are lending this precious equipment to the community through WePress. The Chinese type is owned by WePress (formerly, the Ho Sun Hing Project).
  • Tinkerine DittoPro 3D Printer
  • Mason Industrial Sewing Machine
  • a regular Sewing Machine
  • Photocopier, Scanner and Printer (All in one)
  • 2 Gestetner Machines

We also have a set of 8000+ Chinese characters, which is currently in storage but which we will have available to the community sometime soon.


WePress is currently working out the logistics of renting equipment to individuals. Our long-term goal is make the equipment available to anyone with a personal project who just wants to use the equipment on their own. As a volunteer-run organization, WePress will do its best to accommodate your needs. However, because the space does not yet have regular operating hours (something we hope to establish in 2017!), please contact us directly at WePressVancouver [at] about your project and what you need, and we will work with you to try to make arrangements for you to rent our equipment and space at a cost that works for you. Thanks for your patience as we develop our our equipment rental opportunities!

We require that people renting equipment take an orientation / intro workshop on the equipment you would like to use, and sign a waiver, before booking time to use the machine for personal projects. Please contact us at WePressVancouver [at] for more information and / or to book time.

Once you have made arrangements for rental time, you can either pay when you come to the space (cash or cheque) or pay through PayPal. The funds raised from equipment / space rental go towards sustaining WePress (i.e. paying rent) for the coming months, and we’re hoping, years!

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