Access Info

WePress is committed to maintaining accessibility for people marginalized class, sexuality, gender, race, culture, disability, mental health, and addictions. Read more about our mission here…

This means that by occupying the space at WePress, you agree to create a safer space for others by engaging with compassion, listening, and physically creating space.

Front door – 32″ width
No steps

Door – 35″ width
Toilet clearance:
8” left side
29” front
Support bars on left and behind toilet

Getting Here

Our new space is on the ground floor of The Beacon Hotel at 9 W. Hastings Street.

Front door is 32″ wide. There are no steps.

The layout varies depending on the event and art installation(s) in progress at Gallery Gachet, an organization with whom we share the space, and / or the workshop ongoing at WePress Community Arts Space.

The location is accessible by Bus, Skytrain and Seabus within 1 bus connection. bus routes #14, 16, 20, 95, 4, 7 stop within 1-2 city blocks. There is limited street parking for vehicles. Bikes can be locked at a number of locations nearby at City provided bike posts.

Bathroom, Water, Food

Washroom is gender neutral, single stalled.  Washroom door is 35″ wide. Toilet clearance is 8” left side and 29” front. Support bars on left and behind toilet.

Access to tap water for drinking is available from a sink in the kitchen. Possible access issues include reaching the doorbell at the entrance and paper-towel holder in the washroom if seated in a mobility device.

Most workshops include free snacks, but not all. Snacks vary from workshop to workshop. There is coffee and tea is often available.

The Press

If you are attending a letterpress workshop, please note that the height of the press is 38″. Operating the press requires pulling of levers and turning of cranks, and usually printing is done in pairs.


If you need ASL interpretation please contact as early as possible, but no later than 2 weeks prior to the workshop, so that we may try to book an interpreter.


WePress is not accessible to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitives due to the the use of letterpress ink and some solvent. Additionally, materials used in our space include: paint, stamp pads, glue,

For details on the solvents and inks used read the MSDS sheets:

Our Inks: Gamblin Relief Ink, Speedball Professional Relief Ink, Speedball Blocking Printing Ink

Our Solvents

We have a few miscellaneous inks outside of these brands that are used from time to time. These are hand me downs, donations, and recycled inks. If you have any concerns about which inks will be used in your workshop, please contact us at

To minimize effects, we have a Airpura – C600 Air Purifier for Airborne Chemicals that filters the VOCs from the air. We run this air purifier during printmaking workshops.


If you have any concerns about space, do not hesitate to contact us via email at info [at]


Please know that as an accessible studio space, WePress’s space goals include:

  • Gender neutral washroom  Achieved in our new space at 9 W. Hastings Street!
  • More physical space for mobility equipment and wheelchairs  Achieved in our new space at 9 W. Hastings Street!
  • Store front street level space Achieved in our new space at 9 W. Hastings Street!
  • ASL and Chinese interpretation in workshops

We are continuing to pursue funding that will make us even more accessible and welcome feedback from the community and are always working to become more accessible.


Portions of this material was borrowed from the Gallery Gachet Accessibility Audit performed by Radical Mapping Access Project. This is because we share a location and much of our space is communal.