Intro to 3d Printing • May 13th at 2-4pm

Intro to 3d Printing
May 13 from 2 to 4pm

$60 per participant
includes an illustrated PDF guide to 3d printing

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WePressVancouver [at]
max 6 participants per workshop

In this 2-hour long beginner workshop, you’ll learn the basics of 3d printing, learn to use the Tinkerine Suite software, and print a 3d model using our Tinkerine printer!

Everybody is welcome, and the workshop is a safe space (respecting all bodies, genders and orientations). No previous experience with 3d printing is required.

The workshop will be limited to six participants, register soon!
For any questions about the workshop, please email nina[at]

Please contact us if you have any questions at WePressVancouver [at]

Nina Yañez has worked as an artist using technology in design, architecture, and interactive work for nearly a decade. Following a period of rehabilitation, she’s attempting to use her experience to deconstruct and attack the male dominated culture surrounding technology. She believes in empowering artists, queers, women, and people of colour, to use technology in a way that demystifies patriarchal myths. However she’s mostly just a sensitive cat lady.